This site was started as a side project. Coin2Compare is really only for personal use. To compile the information out there into an easier to compare format. All information is pulled from the public APIs. And as others seem to find this useful, hence the site is opened up as a totally free-of-charge website.

Which public APIs?

Cryptocompare and Coincap.

Who built this site?

The site was bought from a script marketplace. Unfortunately, the seller seems to have stopped selling it for unknown reasons. Anyway, the current site has many custom changes done over time - to make it easier to use and compare info.

Who is this site for?

Again, this site is for personal use. However, whoever found this site to be useful, is more than welcome to use it accordingly. All information is pulled from public sources, accuracy is not guaranteed. And this site is not meant for a replacement for your other cryptocurrencies information. Use it at your own risk and discretion.


This site and/or the owner cannot be held responsible or accountable for the usage or the information provided on the site. Use it at your own risk and discretion.